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Baking Soda To Cure Acne and Scars

We become very conscious about our facial skin as we grown-up because this is the time when real problems related to our facial skin starts to occur the first time in our life. Mostly girls have seen more vigilant than boys when we talk about facial skin problems. The one of the most common skin ailment we face in our adult age is acne and scars. Acne is pimples, dead skin that can be commonly seen in teenagers and young adult’s facial skin. Acne destroys the charm and prettiness of the facial skin. If it has not cured in time, then it can leave you with permanent scars on your face which will be the part of your facial skin throughout your life.

Before talking about how we can cure the acne, we will get to know the cause of acne on our facial skin. We all know our facial skin has pores, each pore contain an oil gland and hair. The oil gland transmits the oil to hair to keep your skin soft. But when this oil gland in the orifice gets blocked by excessive oil fat, dirt, dead skin, it becomes harder for pores to transmit oil up to hair. This breakage of transmission between the oil gland and hair cause a pimple to rise on your facial skin. As our teenage starts, blockage of pores increase with our age which causes pimples and these pimples are called acne on our skin.

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As we have mentioned above the cause of acne on our facial skin, let's discuss now how we can diagnose acne ailment of the facial skin. There are many medicines and cosmetics products available in the market which claim to cure acne in one week or two weeks permanently. But all these products have proved fake and wrong. Did you ever hear about baking soda? If yes then we are going to tell you some properties about baking soda which are the permanent and effective remedy to cure acne and scars of your facial skin. After hearing the full process, you will go to your kitchen to check out the baking soda.

Baking soda has the properties to remove the dead skin, dirt, and oil trapped in the pores. It also eliminates the bacteria of the skin and maintains the necessary Ph value of the facial skin. Apart from this, baking soda increases the growth of the skin and fill the acne scars. You can not apply the baking soda directly on your skin to cure the acne. You have to go through a process to prepare a mixture of baking soda and other ingredients such as aloe vera, olive oil, water, face cleanser. Use any one of these ingredients with baking soda in equal amount and apply it on your affected part of the facial skin. Regular usage of baking soda on your face will cure not only acne scars but also other facial skin related problems. So next time when you see symptoms of acne on your facial skin, go inside your kitchen and search for baking soda because baking soda is a part of every household kitchen.


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